Essential tools for Beginner Freelance Graphic / Web Designers

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25 thoughts on “Essential tools for Beginner Freelance Graphic / Web Designers

  1. @Rcinch1 Well. Not in general, but I suspect some companies they DO prefer young people, with no doubt. I’ve found myself in an work enterview, sourronded by lots of workers on their twenties, half my age… I certainly felt strange. I hope it not to be the normal situation. I sometimes think that the “senior” developers are expected to be freelance or to have responsability titles… I hope to be wrong

  2. @run1492 I actually am in a contract position now, with mostly people 30-50. Not all are in management roles. I think senior designers do sometimes manage the projects more, but that is what comes with responsibility and getting paid more. Junior can still get paid well, but if you want more money you have to put out work more efficiently with the best quality so that they can justify the pay.

  3. @RCRhythm Please do not put comments like these on my videos. I’d like to keep the comments strictly to questions relating to work, constructive criticism on my videos for improvement and people actually interested in professional learning. I appreciate the compliment but it’s inappropriate.

  4. @Rcinch1 In your junior or senior year it may be helpful to get a design internship with a company. I would also recommend business courses, accounting especially, and learn ux/ui design plus basic programming. If you want to own your own business you should decide if you will be working solo, have a partner or hire employees. If you hire people you lose money obviously, but you also have to consider if a client doesnt pay you, you need to pay other people. I think you’re on the right track.

  5. @Mwdwebs It’s not my bedroom, that was my living room in my old apartment. I didn’t have a lot of places to shoot in a place in the middle of the city, but thank you for the feedback. I’ll try to find a place for a plane backdrop from now on. I think it’s really just the content here that was meant to be important. It’s basic for noobs, I’ll make other more advanced videos later if that is what you are looking for.

  6. What kind of languages do you know. What kind of languages does a web designer have to know that does not want to get all crazy in getting entangled in database and boring languages?

  7. @JuicyDBASE Technically to be a designer… none. Realistically at least HTML/CSS. Ideally: PHP, Html, CSS, Ajax, Java script and others.

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